260MW PV Plant energization in Texas, USA


Project Description

Inaccess recently commissioned UNITY SCADA & PPC for the first phase of a 260 MW TX, USA project for one of the world’s Oil & Gas supermajors.

Constructed by a leading US EPC, the PV plant consists of more than 60 substations, using a 330KV HV connection line to ERCOT’s grid. Working remotely for most of the commissioning, with onsite presence at critical points, the Inaccess team helped bring online a quarter of the capacity providing 63MW of clean, cost-effective solar power in September 2020. Once completed, the plant will provide energy to power the equivalent of 34,000 homes and provide an offset of 268,675 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year, comparable to taking over 57,000 fuel-burning cars off the road.

Despite the early concerns of the solar energy industry about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inaccess has seen no negative effects on our utility scale segment. On the contrary, the company’s footprint in SCADA and PPC deployments is experiencing fast expansion both in North America and globally.

Project Details