Utility-scale solar plant for 70MWp and 125MWp in Australia


Project Description

In early 2018 Inaccess established a local presence in Australia and has since provided complete SCADA hardware solutions for two PV generation plants; 70MWp in southeast Queensland and 125MWp in central New South Wales. When complete both systems will utilize the famous UNITY monitoring platform which has been well received by the local asset managers, EPCs and Investors. 

In order to comply to the strict regulations, the Inaccess SCADA delivers concise operational data to the Network Service Providers (NSP) and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) while simultaneously receiving generator dispatch instructions from AEMO and network protection commands from the NSP via separate communications paths. 

Continuing on from this success, 2019 will see the delivery of Inaccess SCADA solutions to another two new projects totaling 280MWp and SCADA upgrades to four existing plants totaling 365MWp that will soon benefit from being monitored by the Inaccess UNITY platform. Projects utilizing the UNITY PPC and Energy Storage PPC are currently in development with delivery due in 2020.


Project Details

  • Client largest global solar PV developers
  • Date04.26.2018
  • DescAustralia