Custom Widgets

UNITY SCADA / CMS : New Custom Widget Creator

UNITY users can now create and add their own Widgets to their Overview page, creating a Customized monitoring experience. With a few clicks, users can select parameters ‘Across Devices’ or from ‘Multiple Different Sources’, such as meters, inverters or meteo sensors, in order to design and deploy their own Custom Chart Widgets, placing them on each particular plant’s Overview. Furthermore, users can create Scatter Plots, depicted below, to reveal correlations between two or more parameters. These Custom Widgets join UNITY’s library of standard graphs and tables, enabling users to create a unique experience to meet their monitoring needs.


Need coaching on creating custom widgets, like line charts and scatter plots, on your Unity Overview? We'll be in touch!

We'd like to know what new features and enhancements would make your Unity dashboard even more effective.

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