Unity UI platform updates


The Unity portal has been upgraded and our existing features have been enriched, in order to offer you a more complete experience.


Overview page: Inverter Specific Power heat map



Overview page: Inverter status heatmap



Browser page: Plot and Export of Settings



Ability to enforce Strong Password security:



Preferences menu: Ability to save and restore export scratchpads



Cross Plant Exports now supporting Tags (Sites, PCC, PPC) and improved performance:



Fleet Map: Fleet World Map implementation update / Combined Solar – Battery Storage – Wind assets



Wind Farm support for schematics:



Schematics editor: Custom defined device Images


Schematics visual and performance updates:


Users Audit logs viewer:


Addition of Portuguese translation:


Site Overview: Alerts widget performance improvement



*Modeled (e.g. PVSYST) data import support

*Improvement of Browser parameters loading speed

*Charting function Update

*Top stripe devices layout improvement